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About Us

About Us

Anna Institute was Established in the year 2022. The aim is to provide quality nursing education and prepare nurses with the highest level of education and practice.

The College is Affiliated by Goverment of India. The Institution has set new standards of excellence in Nursing Education and practice by offering Variety of new course and made them as the primary course and make our students one of the best nurses in the field.


  • Ensure 85% Placement in reputed Hospitals Through in Campus and off campus Recruitment in Local and National Organisations
  • Providing soft Skill Training for the Students
  • The Final Year Nursing Students are Recruitted by Various Organization and around Thanjavur and Major cities in India.
  • The Well Established Recruiting Agencies are Visiting our Institution every year.
  • Anna institute also Proposes to Conduct Seminar and workshops to enable the Students to become Successful Professionals.
  • Anna Institute had focused on Campus Interviews and also encourage the Students.
  • We have Proven Track record of consistent high quality Placements of Students in Various Hospitals